Wet & Dry Rot Treatments

Affordable dry rot treatments in Dunoon, Greenock and Largs

Whether dealing with a wet rot or dry rot attack the most important thing is to first arrest the source of moisture which led to the fungal attack. 

    Wet Rot - there are many different types of wet rot fungus, however, the treatment does not vary as wet rot cannot spread from the original source of moisture. Affected timbers to be cut out and renewed using similar dimensioned pre-treated timbers with any remaining sections or original joists receiving a brush coat of fungicidal paste at the cut end.
   Dry Rot - a Dry Rot outbreak is more severe than that of a wet rot outbreak as it can spread from the original source of moisture through and across masonry to attack dry timber. Eradication treatments will require masonry sterilisation as well as timber replacements.

Understanding dry and wet rot

It is recommended to resolve dry rot issues the moment they are noticed, to prevent extensive damage. Dry rot is considered a serious problem as it can progress at a fast pace thus destroying the natural structural integrity of timber. Wet rot on the other hand is not as destructive as dry rot but can still cause severe damage to the structure if left untreated. For cost-effective woodworm treatments, our staff at 黄色在线看,99精品国产免费观看, can help.
Affordable wet rot treatment

Minimise the risk to your property today

Both dry and wet rot can cause damage to your property when not dealt with appropriately. If you are looking for long-term guaranteed treatment, professional approach and efficient service, look no further than 黄色在线看,99精品国产免费观看. We have a team of trustworthy and friendly tradesmen who will complete the job at the earliest possible time.  
Trusted dry rot treatment

Expert advice and useful tips

  • Identify the extent of decay
  • Determine the cause
  • Treat the source of moisture
  • Propose appropriate treatments
  • Suggest preventive measures
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