Rising Damp

Effective rising damp control for properties in Argyll, Greenock and Largs

黄色在线看,99精品国产免费观看 offer a wide range of damp proofing solutions, from the latest injection creams on the market to damp proof membranes to high pressure injection fluids. We recognise that not one method will suit every situation. Remedies and recommendations will vary on the construction of the affected walls.

Keep your property free from moisture

Have you observed tide marks on the walls of your property? Or have the skirting boards begun to decay? These are some symptoms of rising damp. A short-term solution is to paint the affected area, however, the problem may persist and get worse. Our team at 黄色在线看,99精品国产免费观看 can provide long-lasting solutions which best suit your property.
Control for rising damp

We offer a long-term guarantee

Once we visit your property to identify rising damp issues, we will provide a quote and advise on the treatment to prevent additional damage. 

During our inspection we will identify the source of the damp and can provide a quote and full written report, with a detailed sketch plan identifying the source, remedy and all areas that are affected.

Covering holes with waterproof plaster

Effective rising damp solutions

  • Removing the existing plaster
  • Drilling holes in the brick/mortar as required
  • Injecting chemical solutions
  • We offer a 20 year guarantee
For advice on rising damp control in Argyll, Greenock and Largs, contact us at 黄色在线看,99精品国产免费观看 on
07584 078 750

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