Timber Decay

Timber decay prevention in Dunoon, Greenock and Largs

As much as wood gives your home a classic look, it is equally important to keep it dry and free of fungi and insects. In addition to treatment, we also help identify symptoms of timber decay.

Cost-effective timber treatment

Is the timber of your window frames or staircase starting to decay? If you observe holes, voids or splits in the wood, speak to the professionals at 黄色在线看,99精品国产免费观看 for advice and appropriate treatment. We can help with all types of wood decay including wet and dry rot treatments to suit your requirements.
Identifying timber decay on time

Identifying timber decay on time

Have you moved into a property and noticed off-white wool-like sheets on the brickwork or timber? If ignored, it may result in extensive damage to your property making the treatment costly to you. It is recommended to keep a check on the wooden structures of the property with the help of professionals.
Cost-effective timber treatment

Reliable and professional approach

  • Thorough inspection
  • Removal of carpets
  • Floorboards lifted
  • Create access to the underside
  • Timber repairs
  • Environmentally-friendly chemicals
At 黄色在线看,99精品国产免费观看, we can help with timber decay prevention in Dunoon, Greenock and Largs.
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